KIEU by KITA (Stella Residence) - Layout detail of AMENITY

Luxuriate in Arrival: Welcome Home to Kieu by Kita (Stella Residence) Apartment

Imagine arriving home after a long day, and instead of the usual hustle and bustle, you’re greeted by a refreshing welcome drink and invited to unwind in a stunning ground-floor lounge. This is the everyday experience for residents at Kieu by Kita (Stella Residence) Apartment.

Kieu by Kita Apartment understands that coming home should be an experience, and it all starts the moment you step through the door. Before you head up to explore the dazzling array of amenities on floors 12 and 13, you can relax and de-stress in the luxurious ground-floor lounge.

Welcome Home to Kieu by Kita Apartment



Kieu by Kita Apartment offers a variety of amenities designed to help residents relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy an active lifestyle. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a golf aficionado, or simply seeking a place to unwind, Kieu by Kita has something for you.

  • Stay Active at the Gym
  • Tee Off at the Golf Simulator
  • Unwind in Style at the Cigar Lounge
  • Relax and Rejuvenate at the Sauna

The sauna, situated on the 12th floor, is a great place to relax and soothe sore muscles. Saunas offer a variety of health benefits, including improved circulation, stress relief, and pain relief.


Relax and Recharge at the Pool and BBQ Garden at KIEU by KITA (Stella Residence)

Unwind and enjoy the outdoors at the KIEU’s pool and BBQ garden. This amenity offers residents a tranquil escape to relax, entertain guests, and soak up the sunshine.

  • Dive into Relaxation at the Pool
  • Host a Gathering at the BBQ Garden
  • The Perfect Blend of Indoor and Outdoor Living

KIEU by KITA Apartment is poised to become the “hottest” property on the market.

KIEU by KITA is now officially open for sale.

Don’t miss out! Come visit and experience the project today at 927 Tran Hung Dao, P1, Q5, HCMC.

Address: 927 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 1, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0913181771